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Volvo Mobile App


Behind The Scenes

The challenge was to create a trucker experience involving IOT (Internet Of Things) capabilities, Commerce, Self-service platform, maintenance schedules, emergency call opening. All this to raise the driver’s experience to another level using Oracle solutions.

The Beginning

I decided to create a mobile application that would be a useful tool for the driver containing specific functionalities according to the model of truck purchased.

Features such as starting the truck, checking panel information levels, triggering alarm, temperature control and opening maintenance calls, making the experience much more fluid and making sense to use a mobile device.

In addition the driver has the freedom and purchase accessories through the application already being able to schedule the installation of a purchased accessory making the acquisition process and experience unimpeded.

Welcome to the Volvo trucker mobile application!

Key Business Challenges

Integration with Oracle solutions.


CarNext Oracle VR BackOffice Panel

Art Direction, Branding, Design, Product Design, User Experience, User Interface