Behind the Scenes

The objective was to implement an interactive AI-driven recommendation system within the supermarket, leveraging the capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure AI services. This system will provide personalized product recommendations to customers, thereby enhancing their shopping experience, increasing customer satisfaction, and optimizing their shopping journey.


Imagine yourself going shopping at your favorite supermarket. As you shop, you place grocery items into your shopping cart, setting in motion a sequence of actions:

  1. A basket or cart containing the same products is prepared.

  2. The customer scans a QR code to access a mobile web application.

  3. They proceed to scan the contents of their cart or basket.

  4. Leveraging AI technology, we identify the items and, based on the customer’s preferences, present recipe suggestions that incorporate LLM COHERE PI.

  5. The customer selects a recipe, and the system then suggests additional items to purchase that are not already in their cart.

The Beta Version