Behind the Scenes

Grab should not just align themselves to competitors. They should evolve their co-branding strategy towards giving a complete solution for the customers. Working with hotel brands, airlines, airbnb and anything that would make their brand related to travelers.

I tried to add more experiences to customers. The market is hudge and can not be restricted to regular rides only, customer are also travelers and they love to be social e to explore things.

Machines have rapidly developed intelligence in this generation and their capabilities are changing the products we design.

I’m calling Invisible Design, the process and design language for solutions working with artificial intelligence and technologies like machine learning. I believe these processes and tools are seeds for the future of product design.

I tried to decide some of the experiences on the market related to travelers that we can give to the users with visual format and they can use the grab services to achieve those places with one single touch. I also tried to push some data from any online service just to implement on the begining such as:

Other good feature is to provide delivery/takeout Supose you don’t have time to pickup an purshase order. We can have a special code that users can just get all information like, address address, product type …

The idea was to facilitate peoples life.

User Interface