Behind the Scenes

Coordinating Design Thinking sessions and surpassing customer expectations proved to be a remarkable challenge. In fact, our project received recognition in Dubai as the most innovative healthcare solution of 2017.

Initially, our client had a clear vision, envisioning a mobile application for product commerce, providing valuable information to patients, and offering a streamlined solution for exam reimbursements. However, by applying the Design Thinking methodology, we embarked on a journey that led us to discover new pathways, novel solutions, and unmet needs. Central to our exploration was a deep understanding of the pain points experienced by patients, doctors, and call center personnel, which ultimately birthed a fresh business concept.

Our solution seamlessly brought together doctors, patients, and the call center within a unified platform. This endeavor involved extensive interviews with patients, doctors, and call center staff, with meticulous recording and documentation at every step of the way. Through this iterative process, we created personas, empathy maps, journey maps, and culminated in the development of a prototype.

Throughout this journey, we adhered to the double diamond process:

The Beginning

A D’Or Consultoria, to strengthen the relationship between its premium customers and Rede D’Or, envisions the opportunity to create physical and digital means to facilitate patients’ access to the D Or Network to interact with the hospitals of the network, feel welcomed in a differentiated way, improving what is now done in a timely, manual and on-demand manner (usually requested by HR or Doctors of Labor), or identified opportunities in the follow-up of hospitalizations for their Health Management team.

Key Business Challenges

Enjoy technologies that are easily accessible by the patient; Optimize internal team to minimize investment and centralize service in all squares; Create a specific flow so that differentiated services can occur with the possibility of growth in scale, without the need of triggering the Director of each Hospital; Vacancy of hospitalization in Hospitals of the Network; Special attention in hospitalizations in progress; Scheduling of exams; Differential care in first aid; Obtaining referral medical indications; Differentiated table negotiation; Online medicine commerce.

Mindly Map from the client
Scrum Methodology
1st Week

Preliminary Immersion:
– Detailing the problem
– Identifying motivational points
– Interviewing the main stakeholders of D’Or Consulting and Rede D’Or
– Mapeamento dos problemas e oportunidades
– Synthesizing the identified needs and opportunities:
– What were the main problems
– How could day-to-day be improved
– What preliminary solutions have been identified

Interviews Word Cloud

Main words: Mobile App, Doctor Exams, Patient, Benefits, Refund, Plans, Integration, Treatment.

New Business Opportunities

New ideas and business opportunities were discovered with the observations and interviews held with steakholders, doctors, callcenter, and others … Ideas for automated repayment, reservations of medical consultations, vip care, repository of examinations and mitas other features mapped in forms of new spheres in green color.

2nd Week

I created all personas, empathy maps and journey maps:

Empathy Maps
Journey Maps
3rd Week

This was the final week and my dead line to deliver visual material to the 1st MVP. After long brainstorms I started thinking about the functionalities and visual design for a navigable prototype.

User Interface
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