Behind the Scenes

Deciding what and where to eat is always complicated and paying the bill is always very time consuming and imagine even more bad service. This is very boring.

It was a big challenge because the technology for the food industry was virtually virgin and it was very difficult to conduct a market research without competitors. It was then necessary to go out of the box and interview restaurant owners, waiters, human resources staff and others …

Prototype tests were performed directly with restaurant professionals, thus making everything more effective with great results and learning. A mobile device was created for the waiters where it is possible to recognize the preferences and restrictions of each client, being they preferences for vegetarian food, diets or even allergies or food restrictions.

The solution was designed based on the Android operating system to reduce costs with respect to varieties of devices. Using this device the waiter has total control of orders and also understanding the taste preference of the customer.

For the kitchen, an order control platform was also designed and it was possible to divide tasks by ordering orders with more speed and quality in the service.

For the customer a great experience has been developed (iOS mobile app). The power of having a fully customized menu according to filters, preferences and artificial intelligence that complement the power of the correct and accurate recommendations treating each customer as a VIP person. And when it’s time to pay, just get up and leave!

A complete experience that makes restaurant service very efficient and effective.

Problem 1 (user)

Finding a restaurant that makes the whole group happy is impossible! Decide what to order and the menu doesn’t help! Where is the waiter? Custumers wants to order more They want to pay fast!

Problem 2 (restaurant owner)

They have 9 systems from 7 vendors… it’s too expensive, hard to learn and time consuming They don’t know the profile of my customers and can’t afford market research They need more customers.

Problem 3 (waiter)

Customers keep asking me questions and I don’t know the answers If they knew customers better, they could offer them personalized service.

Executive Summary

No other industry spends so much money to touch its customers so many times, and yet knows so little about them. Meanwhile, every aspect of the dining experience, other than the food itself, is broken. Finding the right restaurant, making a reservation, deciding what to order, interacting with the waitstaff, paying the check… all of these processes are handled in a very primitive and manual way. Rockspoon is reimagining the dining experience from the ground up, solving the customer’s problems while improving restaurant operations in the dining room, kitchen, and back office, and—for the first time —giving the restaurant a direct and persistent relationship with the customer through customer app and mobile CRM. We provided mobile & fixed POS, payment processing, reservations, delivery (no logistics), takeout, CRM, HR, analytics, and inventory management. We offer customers an app that enables a personalized and fantastic dining experience.

I started from the branding

The idea was to bring the concept of spiking the spoon into a rock, or even every time you remember about food the brand comes into your memory. It’s a cool name and strong at the same time. Like a Rock! I developed all the concept and colors. Using the psychology of colors I decided to use red. Red leaves you hungry!

The research. Palo Alto CA

During the discovery we had a help of teachers from Stanford University only in the process of interviews with people. It was where we got in the 3 problems involving restaurant customers, restaurant owners and waiters. After made the process of interviews we got the help of restaurant owners and waiters from the Palo Alto region who were interested in the project. They were our steakholders! Working together with professionals in the area we have obtained effective and effective results, discovering technological problems and among others such as: Wifi in the kitchen does not work with 100% efficiency due to physical problems such as too much metal or water nearby can hinder communication with the routers. The coolest thing of having area professionals working together was being able to test multiple versions of software until you came up with a functional concept.

Customer Mobile APP

Imagine a solution able to really recommend restaurant suggestions and dishes according to your food preferences even discovering if you have any food restriction and allergies. Customized menus, being totally personalized and treating the users as unique individuals also bringing personalized recommendations in micro moments. Also being able to make reservation of tables or organize a group of guests already with the correct recommendation that please the taste of each person of the group. Time to pay? Just leave the restaurant and pay in the UBER style or split the account the way you want or even transfer the account to another table.

Creating workflows for the customer app and also coordinating and approving the flow with developers

I have created the workflows and navigation logos and at the same time coordinating all this with development teams around the world and many different fusarios. Teams spread across Brazil, Lebanon, Germany and Belarus. Times scattered due to reducing costs and at the same time working with the best developers in the world without having the cost of relocations.

Creating the logic and functionalities for smartprinter

We create our own printer with the help of software engineers and product designers having the first model made by a 3D printer. I created functionalities and the logic for this smartprinter. Workflow including any functional interaction of a printer model that works connected to an android smartphone. The printer design was aborted due to the high cost to the restaurant owners. The solution was to create an android app that works on any model of android smartphone getting the owner the restaurant the option and decision in choosing the ideal device for the waiters.

Kitchen tablet for cooks and food preparation stations

I created the solution for the whole kitchen. An android app running on large touchscreen screens streamlining the receipt of requests and keeping the entire kitchen under full control and also being able to be used to control shifts/ clock in and clock out.


A working tool to make life easier for waitress. Receiving bookings via customer app and also in person or via phone. The solution is able to offer a complete experience to assemble the restaurant floorplan making the experience and processes much more fluid.

Fixed POS/ Delivery and Takeout

A complete solution for receiving and creating new orders.

Payment tablet for non users

Paying has never been easier. Multiple payment possibilities in a single solution that was also targeted in the business. Financial companies such as Elavon and Morgan Chase were impressed by the solution.