Behind the Scenes

I was challenged by a creative agency based in Sweden called The Techno Creatives by Interaktionsbyrån.

The challenge was to build a mobile application that would provide services for autonomous vehicles.

Firstly I created a brand based on the name Snabb which in Swedish means: smart, fast and effective. I blended the meaning together with an imperial touch, bringing the lion as a strong symbol.

The concept of the application was geared towards the scenarios of an intelligent taxi service, not just a taxi service but a powerful service platform encompassing autonomous cars. Imagine you in a mobile store and the application working with an integrated API providing the data of the size of your purchase and in the checkout process you can request a vehicle in the right measure for your delivery and destination or even being useful for any type of business, schools and services and general such as: scheduling and other features being performed on a single platform.

User Interface
Smart Watch User Interface