Behind the Scenes

The challenge entailed crafting a comprehensive trucker experience integrating Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, commerce, a self-service platform, maintenance scheduling, and emergency call functionality. The ultimate goal was to elevate the driver’s experience to new heights by harnessing the power of Oracle solutions.

The Beginning

I chose to develop a mobile application designed to serve as a valuable tool for truck drivers, tailored to the specific features of their purchased truck model. This app encompasses functionalities such as engine ignition, monitoring panel information, activating alarms, temperature control, and initiating maintenance requests. These features streamline the driver’s experience, making the use of a mobile device a logical and practical choice.

Moreover, the application grants drivers the freedom to browse and purchase truck accessories seamlessly. They can even schedule the installation of these accessories through the app, ensuring a smooth acquisition process and an enhanced overall experience.

Welcome to the Volvo Trucker Mobile Application!

Key Business Challenges

Integration with Oracle solutions.